Seeds of Awareness After School Programs

Mindful Movements

Mindful Movements Overview

Seeds of Awareness offers innovative and effective social and emotional learning programs. Our programs are mindfulness-based and led by experienced educators and therapists.

seeds-imageMindful Movements is a unique, playful and heart-centered class series where children learn techniques to enhance and improve their social and emotional intelligence through a fun exploration of mindfulness, storytelling, dance, yoga, and crafts.

Our facilitators are trained therapists and educators who utilize a methodology of instruction focused on mindfulness and social and emotional learning. Seeds of Awareness  recognizes that the positive relationships built between children and instructors are instrumental to the benefits of its program, and we recruit and train a high caliber of instructors to hold their classes in a positive, heart-centered way.

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1.Facilitated movement activities through games, dance, yoga and play, which have been developed to enhance mind-body connections, thus improving coordination, confidence and attention.

2.Mindfulness-based SEL curriculum developed from our workbook Mindful Education, empowering children in creating a place of strength and calm within. Instruction focuses on expanding the child’s understanding of their emotional, mental, social and physical spheres in a playful and dynamic structure.

3.Cooperative learning & team-building through non-competitive games and play, which are aimed at improving social skills, impulse control and empathy in positive, fun and constructive ways.


Children are grouped according to the needs of the school and developmental considerations. Typically, children are grouped grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6.


$300 per child for ten-week course, meeting 75 minute classes. Some financial assistance maybe available when requested.


Minimum group of 5 children in class and maximum group of 15.