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Seeds of Awareness offers comprehensive support programs to bring emotional learning and psychological support to all children and families in the school community. Seeds of Awareness counselors are given in-depth training and clinical supervision to provide your school with comprehensive social, emotional and mental health support. Seeds of Awareness counselors provide crucial interventions by assessing children for various social-emotional risk factors and teaching essential skills to help children and families thrive. Seeds of Awareness aims to enrich the school culture by cultivating emotional awareness and intelligence, thereby creating a community of empathy and compassion.

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Services Provided

Tier 3 Intensive Support:  Individual counseling and intensive behavioral support to high risk students. Reach:  1 to 5 % of students.  Utilizing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a mindfulness-based behavioral intervention modality as listed on the National Registrar for Evidence Based Programs (NREPP).

Tier 2: Targeted Intervention: Group counseling, social skills facilitation, individual counseling support offered to students with moderate needs.  Reach:  15% of students. Utilizing Seeds of Awareness Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies and Mindfulness/ACT principles.

Tier 1:  Core Intervention Classroom SEL facilitation and/or after school mindfulness SEL series.Utilizing Seeds of Awareness innovative Mindfulness-based Social Emotional Learning Curriculum.  Reach:  80 to 100% of students. Seeds of Awareness can also support school in integrating alternative SEL curriculum.

Professional Development and Parent Education Classes: Seeds of Awareness trainers are experts in the fields of mindfulness and SEL. They can lead professional development trainings for staff and parent education workshops for an additional fee.



$80/hour for IEP Counseling minutes

If your school requires of 10 or more hours we can create a package rate that matches your counseling needs. We are also able to subsidize our rates for public/charter schools with Medi-Cal eligible students in Alameda and Sonoma County.

*Additional Services (see Mindful Education Program)
Tier 1: Mindfulness SEL are additional cost and available upon request.
Professional Development for teachers and parent workshops by Mindfulness SEL experts $150/hr

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