We are unable to accept any new clients at this time. Please check back soon for availability of our counseling services at the Holistic Counseling Center.

During the Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place Order our clinicians are providing Telehealth Therapy by phone or video conferencing. We have immediate openings for Adults, Couples, Teens, Adolescences & Children. We accept Alameda, Sonoma and San Francisco County medi-cal insurance with pre-approval (through Beacon Health Options for Alameda Alliance, Partnership Health and San Francisco Health Plans) & have a Sliding Scale Based on income. At our Holistic Counseling Centers, we help you find harmony through genuine connection, mindful inquiry, and guided exploration. Our counselors bring a deeply supportive and empathic presence into the room, empowering you to face fears and overcome obstacles that are hindering you from being your authentic self. Our vision is a future where emotional intelligence is the norm, where empathy and mindfulness are embedded in our systems, and where therapeutic support is accessible and commonplace.

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Sliding scale: $50 – $160 per weekly session

We are unable to accept any clients at this time. Please check back soon for availability of our counseling services at the Holistic Counseling Center.


Children & Adolescents


We build on children and adolescents’ inherent strengths, empowering them to overcome challenges big and small. By integrating creativity, humor, and play into our work, children have fun in the therapeutic process while experiencing deep healing and integration. This heart-centered approach leads to improvement in social-emotional skills within the family, classroom, and with friends.


Individual Therapy: Adults


Our counselors offer a compassionate, mindful approach in supporting you through life’s challenges. At the Holistic Counseling Centers, we are here to work with you on any part of your life that may benefit from therapeutic support, including anxiety, depression, work stress, relationships, sexuality, parenting, and personal growth. We recognize each person’s path is different and we value a holistic approach to support your individualized goals.


Couples Counseling


We support all couples in developing loving and supportive relationships. Our counselors offer guidance in mindful communication and greater awareness of self and other. By cultivating intimacy and undoing destructive patterns, we can help you create a healthier and happier relationship.


Family Counseling


The most life-altering relationships are those you share with your family. We help to restore balance in this complex ecosystem by focusing on power dynamics and communication styles. Our holistic approach of mindful awareness and empathy creates a safe space for honest communication. Connection is achieved through giving voice to each participant and supporting each family’s unique needs.

Our Mission is Connection

Our mission is to transform communities by cultivating awareness, empathy, and connection. We value racial and social equality and support all communities in the empowerment of inner healing, connection, and livelihood. We offer sliding scale therapy with highly skilled counselors who are licensed or pursuing licensure because we believe everyone should have access to therapy.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Support Groups

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The Holistic Counseling Centers Specialize in:

  • Life Transitions
    Anxiety & Depression
    Social-Emotional Learning
    Relationship Dynamics
  • Boundaries with Self & Others
    Personal & Spiritual Growth
    Stress Management & Mindfulness
  • Grief & Loss
    Trauma & PTSD
    Abuse, Addictions, & Compulsive Behaviors

We value and serve diverse communities including blended, multiracial, foster, LGBTQIA, single parents, and adoptive families. We serve kinship care families, as well as non-family caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do you charge?

In order to make therapy accessible to all those in need we offer a sliding scale based on income: $50 – $160 per weekly session

Q: Do you accept insurance?

We accept Beacon Medi-cal for Alameda Alliance in Alameda county and Beacon Medi-cal for Partnership Health Plan in Sonoma and San Francisco county.

We are currently at capacity and are not accepting any new Medi-Cal Clients at this time.

Additionally, if you have PPO Health Insurance, a health savings account, or a medical reimbursement account through your employer, the Holistic Counseling Centers can provide you with a monthly statement for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company (regarding “out-of-network” reimbursement) or employer to verify coverage of psychotherapy services.

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