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Fun and Nurturing Pip-Pop Virtual Sessions, After-School Sessions, and Summer Sessions

Fiddleheads is a fun and therapeutic group that provides social skills instruction and emotional support to neurodiverse groups of children in our vibrant Bay Area Regional Parks.

Our groups are warm, playful, and instructive. Our skilled counselors and clinicians foster deep nourishing connections with the children. Your child will form healing relationships with nature and make new friends, while absorbing social lessons and connecting more deeply to their senses.

Formed in 2010 to support children and their families, Fiddleheads is a holistic, heart-centered therapeutic approach to social and emotional learning. Taking the stigma out of therapy while providing clinical level support, Fiddleheads brings joy, nature, and the real-life experience of authentic relationships and presence to each individual to help them overcome challenges and navigate the process of growing up.

Inclusiveness and acceptance are foundational to Fiddleheads structure. Awareness and respect of neuro, cultural, racial, and economic diversity is at the essence of our approach. For more information, please see our FAQ .

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Pip-Pop Virtual Sessions

Engage with us this Spring from the comfort of your home through our Pip-Pop Virtual Sessions! Fiddleheads has created a collection of engaging activities to support, inspire, and ground your entire family using sense based play groups, parent support programs, and courses for your kids and you to connect and grow together.

February 18–⁠June 8, 2021
Meets 1 day every other week,
4:00 pm–⁠5:00 pm

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After-School Sessions

Our nature immersion after-school group provides a nurturing and enlivening experience for your child. With the care of our highly skilled counselors, our small groups quickly form into strong packs of friends.

September 13–⁠November 15, 2021
Meets 1 day per week,
3:30 pm–⁠5:30 pm

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Summer Sessions

Our summer session is warm, playful, and instructive. We foster deep nourishing connections for your child—with nature, with other children, and with our supportive guides.

Session 1: June 14–June 25
Session 2: June 28 – July 9

NO GROUPS: July 12–16

Session 3: July 19 – July 30
Session 4:  August 2 – August 13

Meets M–F, 9:30 am–2:30 pm

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Meet the Team

Our team is made up of licensed therapists, therapists in training and skilled educators. All of our counselors and clinicians are chosen to participate in Fiddleheads for their passion for the outdoors, working with children, and the real life impacts that relational and mindful therapy can have on someone’s life. Meet our team and the roles they will play in your child’s life below.

Interim Clinical Team Lead

Our Clinical Director oversees all clinical aspects of the Fiddleheads Program. They oversee our training, guide and support our therapists and ensure proper clinical supervision is provided.  

Associate Program Director

The Associate Program Director oversees and supports the administration of the FH’s program by the Fiddleheads team, which consists of regional managers, counselors, clinicians, and clinical supervisors. The APD’s dynamic role includes overseeing the program budget, providing guidance to team members, coordinating with the Clinical Director, and problem-solving with families and/or team members in the field. 

Regional Managers

Fiddleheads Regional Manager provides support and training to our Fiddleheads Clinical Counselors, reports to the Associate Program Director and Clinical Director, and supports the administration of the nature-based after-school sessions and summer sessions in one of the regional locations in which Fiddleheads operates. Our Regional Managers are experts in what they do and hold together the many locations in which Fiddleheads operates. 

Counselors and Clinical Counselors

Fiddleheads Counselors and Clinical Counselors use Fiddleheads curriculum and training to facilitate a social and emotional learning experience for children in a natural setting. Counselors are selected for their passion for working with youth in nature, their experience with neurodivergent youth, Our counselors are either on a clinical track as professional counselors, interns, or trainees with or pursuing master’s degrees in psychology, or are professionals with backgrounds in counseling, social work, psychology or outdoor education. All of our counselors receive weekly supervision and thorough training and support.

    Interim Clinical Team Lead
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    Fiddleheads Associate Program Director
    I have been working with children for a very long time starting off by raising my siblings. I love sports, but my favorite will always be basketball. I enjoy...
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    Fiddleheads Regional Manager
    I was born and raised in the Bay Area and my favorite childhood memories include exploring parks and open spaces in this region. Nature and music are my greatest...
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    Fiddleheads Regional Manager
    Stephanie (Stephy) is a Bay Area transplant from New York who is passionate about the outdoors and an advocate for mindfulness-based practices. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and...
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Fiddleheads Methodology

Fiddleheads practices stem from the latest research on mindfulness, developmental psychology and neurobiology to create an impactful social and emotional learning curriculum. Social lessons are integrated into each session experientially and are brought to life through mindfulness games, dramatic play, and storytelling, giving the children important tools for understanding themselves within the world around them.
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Small Groups

Unplugging from Tech

Empathy & Emotional Regulation

Presence & Attunement



Social Skills

Positive Reinforcement

Fiddleheads Participants

Many of the children we work with at Fiddleheads After-School Sessions and Summer Sessions may not have “labels” but have a cluster of symptoms the parents are seeking support with or finding accommodations for. We also welcome neurotypical children to our programs and believe it is a wonderful opportunity to deepen a child’s understanding of the wide array of ways that we all move with, and in, this world and each other. Children we have worked with in the past may have a diagnosis of: 

  • ADHD
  • Aspergers/High Functioning Autism
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD or Atypical Autism)
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Dysfunction
  • Speech and Language Delay
  • Bi-Polar
  • Anxiety Disorder

Fiddleheads Testimonials

From Parents

  • “Fiddleheads Summer Camp provides my child with a safe day camp setting where I can leave him for the whole day knowing that he will be understood and well cared for, while having a fun and totally enjoyable day in nature. He feels totally secure because he knows that, if he has a meltdown or any problem, the counselors will handle it in a way that brings him back into self-control without being made to feel guilty or ashamed. I am so thankful for Fiddleheads because there aren’t many programs where both he and I can experience total peace of mind while he participates.”
  • “Now, I have always liked the idea of a social skills group, but been wary of them, wondering if they would make my son feel different or stigmatized. But, at the recommendation of his doctor, and at the direction of a good friend whose son attends their summer camps, I found my way to Fiddleheads. I still can’t believe my luck!”
  • “She had a wonderful time. I loved the fact that she was immersed in nature. She enjoyed the games and activities. Always emerged rosy cheeked and smiling. … she really emerged into a more calm child, better able to handle frustrations and express herself.”
  • “Overall very positive and helpful. Less anxious, enjoys natures more, and feels more connected and regulated.”
  • “It is a unique approach that gives kids the opportunity to be as big as they need to be, get in touch with their bodies and emotions, learn how to make friends, interact with peers, and resolve conflicts ~ all while having fun and learning about nature. I would recommend this group without reservation!”

From Children

  • “I feel really lucky to be in Fiddleheads because everyone really listens.”
  • “Everyone is really nice and the counselors are wonderful! I feel like I can be myself.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Policy:

Please understand that we keep our groups small to facilitate effective groups, and many fill up quickly. In order to provide the highest quality program, and to reliably staff our programs, we must plan well in advance based on confirmed registrations.

  • Initial Deposit ($200): Non-refundable.
  • Group Fees:
    • 30 days before start of group: 100% refund.
    • Once group has begun: credit of 25% to any Seeds offering.

If your child leaves the group early for any reason, there will be no full or partial refunds issued. If your child is unable to attend, please consider converting all or part of your registration fees into a tax-deductible donation to Seeds of Awareness. This will help us to offer Fiddleheads and other Seeds services to those who can’t afford them.

We will do everything within our power to ensure the safety of our staff and Fiddleheads kiddos. If the afterschool or summer camp program is cancelled due to COVID-19, due to the viability of our organization and the need to pay our staff, we will be unable to issue refunds. For an outline of our COVID-19 policies, please click here.

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