Nature-based Offerings


Fiddleheads is a warm and playful after-school program and Summer Camp, offering children therapeutic support and social and emotional instruction. We hold our social skills groups in the enlivening atmosphere of our Bay Area parks.

We foster nourishment, healing and growth by cultivating connections with nature, peers and supportive counselors. We integrate mindfulness, movement and play into everything we do.

We welcome children and families from all communities and are inclusive and honoring of neurodiversity in our groups.


Fiddleheads incorporates practices stemming from the latest research on mindfulness, developmental psychology and neurobiology into its social and emotional learning curriculum. The social lessons are taught via didactic lessons and are integrated into to the sessions experientially. The social lessons come to life through drama enactments, mindfulness games and story telling, giving the children important tools for understanding themselves within the world around them.

Sensory Integrating activities are integrated into the day as the children move over rocks and creek beds and explore together in nature. Mindful movements are integrated into the hikes, through coordinated intentional movements derived from “Brain Gym” curriculum. Children’s emotions are mirrored and reflected and they are given a vocabulary to communicate their feelings to others. Friendships are formed as the children help each over challenging obstacles in their physical play. Within these relationships, children learn skills to negotiate differences and work together.

Many of the children have experienced impressive improvements in their social and emotional maturity through their involvement with Fiddleheads. Moreover, the children have a wonderful time and cannot wait to come each week! It is a privilege to offer such gifts to children and their families. Some families enroll in Fiddleheads as an enrichment activity for their child, while other families are seeking support for their children who are struggling in school or at home. A typical group is a blend—one child may be considered on the autism spectrum, another may be dealing with life transitions at home, someone else may be a nature lover and wanting to play and be outdoors, while another child is struggling with impulse control and sensory processing.

We are inclusive, yet we are careful in forming groups, to ensure that it is an environment where each child’s needs are cared for, nurtured and supported.


Weekly Groups

Our nature immersion after-school programs provide a nurturing and enlivening experience for your child. With the care of our licensed therapists and interns, our small class of children within our social skills groups quickly form into strong packs of friends.

In Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Orinda, Petaluma, and Marin.

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Summer Camp

Our camp is warm, playful, and instructive. We foster deep nourishing connections for the children between themselves, between your child, and the beauty and joys of nature; and between your child and our loving, supportive guides.

We are careful not to over schedule the children. We honor the natural rhythyms of the child and the day; the in and the out breath. A harmony of excitement and relaxation is sought through a balanced flow of free play, adventure, story time, structured games, crafts, snack, and circle times.

  • Dates
    Session 1 – June 17 – 28, 2019

    Session 2 – July 1 – 12, 2019
    Session 3 – July 15 – 26, 2019
    Session 4 – July 29 – August 9, 2019
  • In Oakland, San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley, Richmond, Lafayette, and Petaluma.

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