Victoria Liu is currently a currently a Principal Engineer at Coherus Biosciences focused on producing biosimilars (biopharmaceutical generics) to expand patient access to life-changing biologic medicines. Previously, she held operational and engineering roles at Genentech and Nektar Therapeutics pioneering in developing biologic therapeutics for cancers and autoimmune disorders. During a mid-career sabbatical, Victoria spent time doing volunteer teaching at a secondary school focused on empowering and educating girls from the rural villages of Kenya. She then spent a year as a STEM educator at the Denver School of Science and Technology public schools. She is an advocate for contemplative practices and believes passionately in its ability to change young people’s lives and support them through life’s many inevitable hurdles.

Victoria holds a Bachelors in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. She is proud to be a Bay Area native and is excited to be back in the East Bay!