Serenity’s approach to counseling is non-pathologizing, relational, present-directed,
compassion centered, and embodied. Says Serenity about her work, “Here is how I see our
time together. When we sit together it is not my job to ‘fix you’ but rather, to be with you. It is in being with you and bringing awareness to/supporting you exactly as you are, that you can grieve and heal what you may have lost, welcome parts of you back in, and rediscover an authentic way of being in the world that strengthens your relationship with yourself and with others.”

Serenity considers a key part of being a good therapist doing one’s own personal work. “The more I have done and continue to do my own personal work of healing and integrating,” she says, “the more you can count on me to sensitively welcome in all of your feelings and help you sit with and move through them.”

Serenity currently works with a wide variety of clients, from adults to children, couples and families. Her counseling approach is integrative, egalitarian and collaborative. She draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of modalities, with her most central interests in attachment, relational self-psychology,intersubjectivity, and neurobiologically informed trauma sensitive approaches, including compassion focused therapy.

Serenity works to cultivate a therapy climate that is responsive to the concerns of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and personal identities. She brings particular awareness and humility to issues of power and privilege and the centering/decentering of certain experiences to her work with POC and LGBTQI individuals. She has a particular fondness for working with those born poor/working class that have class jumped in their lifetime.

Serenity has spent significant parts of her life living in both the Midwest and the West Coast. This informs the way she shows up in session, in equal measures both grounded and open. She is a recent transplant to Petaluma, having re-arrived from the Midwest 3 years ago, to attend graduate school in the Bay Area. Serenity received her Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS) in August 2017.