The technical terms for my approach to counseling treatment are “Compassion Focused,” “Trauma-Informed” and “Psychodynamic,” in addition to being “Attachment Oriented,” and “Client Centered.” However, most central—and what I consider most vital to growth–is the sensitive witnessing and deep presence of a non-judgemental, non-pathologizing other. When we sit together, I don’t consider it my job to ‘fix you’ but rather, to be with you. It is in being with you and bringing awareness and kindness to you exactly as you are, that we can begin to create safety in our relationship and grieve and heal past and present challenges.

By showing up in this way, I aim to help you rediscover an authentic way of being in the world that strengthens your relationship with yourself and others, heals what hurts, and moves you toward what you most want in life. If desired, I offer additional tools to support you in new awareness, growth and insights along this journey. These include psychoeducation, experiential exercises, referrals and self-compassion practices.