Rosemary Freeman, MA, Psy D Intern is a mother, a painter, and a wilderness lover. She lives in an intentional and eco friendly community in Forestville, California. She earned her master’s degree in depth psychology at Sonoma State University and is currently earning her Psy D at Meridian University in Petaluma. Rosemary specializes in Jungian psychology, which is inclusive of accessing the self through mystery: fairy tales, mythology, sand tray play, rites of passage ceremonies, and the creative arts. She also specializes in Ecopsychology, approaching deep healing in the individual through relation to the natural world. Rosemary has two daughters who attend a Waldorf school in Sebastopol, and Credo high school in Rohnert Park. She has deep appreciation and respect for Waldorf education, as well as experience in anthroposophical philosophy. Rosemary’s desire to focus her work with children began when she volunteered at a school in Greece for Syrian refugees. She invites heartfelt nurturing and creative playfulness with each child who crosses her threshold into a therapeutic setting.