In addition to my experience working in the mental health field, my background as a musician, artist, and yoga instructor has convinced me that when we see something as beautiful, when we fall in love with it, it’s natural to want to keep it around. Unfortunately, the challenges of life can be so overwhelming as to cut us off from that sense of wonder for life that is our birthright. I see my mission as a therapist as being a support and guide on your path to rediscovering the beauty in yourself and the outer world that isn’t gone, but only waiting to be seen and felt again. My approach is warm and patient, but I’m also willing to challenge you when necessary. In my practice, I work with children, teens, adults, and families through such issues as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, life transitions, stress, interpersonal difficulties, and challenges in intimate relationship. I look forward to working with you as a witness and collaborator on your path to healing.