Within the complexities of life we are bound to encounter hardship, adversity, and
suffering which may leave us lost, confused, or lonely. When these experiences
begin to run our lives, trapping us in recurrent patterns of trauma, relationship
problems, and overwhelm, it becomes difficult to know what to do or who to turn
to. This aspect of the human experience is incredibly difficult, and does not need to
be, nor should it be, experienced alone or in isolation. As we work together, my goal
is to help you feel less alone, to feel heard and understood, and ultimately to be with
you as you go through your journey of understanding yourself, and becoming a
happier and healthier human being.
In my work I focus both on the mind and the body. When I work with the body, I am
tracking and noticing patterns, of stress, anxiety, and tension, and support you to
feel more relaxed and more resourced as you move about in the world. I may ask
you to slow down in session in order to create more awareness of your experience
and to notice, with more clarity, what you are feeling. Noticing and being with our
feelings and body sensations can help old patterns and traumas move through our
system and provide some relief. When working with the mind, thoughts and beliefs
can be paralyzing and scary to name or speak about. We will work to get down to
the core of your belief systems and how this may be causing unnecessary suffering.
Through my work, I consistently work within the lens of social justice,
acknowledging the systems that society has created that continue to oppress
vulnerable communities and wreak havoc on the mental health of these
My approach is friendly, authentic, and open, as I am here to meet you in your
experience, in whatever way that shows up, through the good the bad and the in
between. Therapy and healing can be messy, and it can be scary, but it is also
beautiful and inspiring, and I am here to meet you in all of those places.
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters in Counseling
Psychology and a specialization in Somatic Psychology. I have worked in several
community mental health settings throughout the Bay Area working with major
psycho-social, addiction, and mental health issues. I currently work for Oakland
Unified School District, and specialize in working with adolescents. I have a passion
for issues around social justice, environmental justice, and any areas of society in
which injustice and inequality are all too common. In my free time I enjoy hiking,
dancing, studying languages, and traveling.