In his tenure at Seeds, Mark served as a Fiddleheads counselor, Director of Fiddleheads, Captain of Cheer and Corporate Secretary. Currently, he is the Flow-Master of Operations and a counselor in the Holistic Counseling Center in San Francisco and Oakland. One of the OGs (Original Gardeners) of Seeds, Mark facilitates the organic, creative and effective flow in all departments and programs at Seeds by providing and sharing limited resources to support unlimited human potential. As an an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Mark works with individuals, couples and families in a non-judgmental humanistic manner and strives to create a supportive space and experiences for each person to emerge as their full authentic self and make empowered and healing choices for themselves. He is deeply enthusiastic about the power of nature and frequently leads events and activities in nature oriented to community-building, education and awareness. Mark cherishes difference and diversity, eagerly explores power and inequality, dabbles in pro-social activism, and advocates for creativity and play. His dream world is when everyone lets their imagination match their abilities.