I am a Chile-born and Berkeley-based, licensed clinical psychologist who works open-heartedly to reduce human suffering and promote vitality, connectedness and wellbeing in ourselves, our families and communities. In my private practice, I work bilingually (English/Spanish) with young people from ages 11 to 22. I provide help for a wide variety of common emotion-based social, family- and school-based problems. In addition, I specialize in youth with complex, persistent and difficult-to-treat concerns, often with extensive unresolved problem histories. A mindfulness/Zen practitioner, I specialize in mindfulness-based and behavioral therapies, especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), for children, youth and parents. Mindfulness-based approaches are exceptionally well suited for young people as well as for persistent, complex and difficult-to-treat problems. I have worked as a staff psychologist for the Oakland Children’s Hospital and as clinical faculty of JFK University. You can watch Koke present Mindfulness on YouTube.