Kelly Rathmann is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Santa Rosa, CA. She is a clinical supervisor for MFT and ASW trainees and associates accruing hours toward licensure at several community mental health agencies in the area. She has over a decade of experience working in various mental health settings, including residential care with children and teens in the foster care system, child and family counseling clinics, and hospitals. She has gravitated toward working with people with trauma, primarily children and families. Kelly brings a particular perspective to working with trauma and crisis intervention through the use of self, relationship, presence, and compassion. These qualities are grounded in psychodynamic training and her appreciation of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. She is deeply connected to using play and creative process for healing and increasing awareness and connection to self, and spends much of her free time using her hands to knit, sew, and play guitar and ukulele. She is a wife and mother of three young children.