Therapy invites us to explore how we understand the world, connect with purpose, and show up in relationship. Meeting these themes with curiosity, compassion, and care brings us to a place of deeper and clearer self-understanding. From here we find the resources to move through challenges and limiting beliefs toward discovery and growth.

We are not meant to do this work alone, but rather collaboratively, with support, in community. I bring a warm and welcoming presence to this work as well as tools you can use to connect with your innate power, wisdom, and wonder. My approach is relational and trauma-informed, drawing on my training in Somatic psychology and martial arts to root us in the here-and-now.

Welcoming people across race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexuality, religious and spiritual orientation, I am moved by the belief that you have the crucial capacity to connect to the Earth, feel alive in your body and live out your unique essence.