Hello, and welcome.
I graduated from Santa Clara University where I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I worked with multi-stressed families, teachers and children in school settings, where we focused on social and emotional coping skills.
Currently, I offer individual therapy to children and adults. I specialize in helping clients work with self-care, self-advocacy, boundary setting, racial identity, initiating and maintaining meaningful relationships, increasing emotional resiliency and building a capacity for healthy vulnerability.

What does this look like?
I will work with you collaboratively, to examine and identify your needs and wants. I provide a safe, empathic environment for you to take up as much space as you need to be unburdened, to be heard, or just to BE. My aim is to help you cultivate the inner resources to live a richer, happier, and healthier life.

I believe the most important cornerstone of therapy is the quality of the therapeutic relationship. I will be a sounding board for you to hear yourself more clearly – perhaps even befriend yourself – in a way you may never have experienced before. We will utilize mindfulness, meditation and other psychodynamic therapy techniques in our work together.

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