BJ Brown, MFT – Supervisor. For close to 30 years, I have worked in various schools and non profit agencies with children, families, individuals and groups. Coming into this field as a teacher with a strong developmental and integrated approach strengthens my view of each client and supervisee as a whole being. My work has been greatly influenced by a Jungian perspective. That theory’s view of the unconscious, the individuation of the Self and the need for relationship are core fundamentals in my practice of psychotherapy. I have also focused on working with girls and women in developing agency and empowerment. I continue to appreciate the opportunity to engage with trainees/interns as a supervisor at SEEDS; even after eight years! The complexity and interrelatedness between the roles of client, supervisee, supervisor, SEEDS, the placement setting, the graduate program and other involved parties is a never-ending source of challenge and growth for me, and I hope for all involved.