I believe all parts of you deserve to be seen: the dark and messy ones, the light and fun ones, and everything in between!

I work from an integrative approach, which means that I welcome your whole and multifaceted self, as well as honour the mind-body connection, and even your spirit if that resonates with you. I draw from multiple modalities, including trauma sensitive somatic approaches, Humanistic, CBT, IFS, and Jungian lenses. Each individual is unique, and requires different types of care.

Most of all, I hold a non-judgemental and accepting space for you. There is nothing too weird to talk about! I am a human in the room with you, and even though I am here to assist healing, this is your time and space. You get to decide how to spend it. I will be your interactive companion on this journey.

A little bit about me: I’m from Switzerland, which gives me an understanding of varying cultural experiences and culture shock. I’m dedicated to a path of devotion, truth, laughter, and healing. I believe life is continually offering us opportunities for growth. In my off time I enjoy dancing, baking and reading up on everything psycho-spiritual.

I work with individuals, couples, adolescents and children.
I can conduct therapy both in English or French.