Ankur Chablani is a man with diverse professional and personal interests. He began his professional career in the health and fitness industry after an ankle injury derailed his aspirations to become a professional soccer player. He has been a certified personal trainer for 21 years, a massage therapist for 17 years, and a yoga teacher for 7 years. He used a mixed mode method to help his clients achieve optimal mental and physical health, consisting of functional training, injury rehabilitation, pain management, and mindfulness. After completing an advanced teacher training course at the massage therapy school he attended a few years prior, he discovered his love for teaching and promptly began a masters of science in education program to become a school teacher. In the subsequent 10 years he channeled all his professional passions into his work with children in and out of the classroom. He piloted a yoga and wellness program for at risk youth in three subsequent inner city schools while coaching both boys and girls soccer at different times. It was through his desire to expand on mindfulness training that he discovered the restorative justice movement and became a certified circle keeper to merge mindfulness and community building in after school programs with the mainstream curriculum. He has provided training for staff and students in circle process, mediation services, and the art of integrating mindfulness into the daily routine. He has also worked with administrators, deans, security personnel, and educators to replace traditional punitive measures in schools with restorative practices. The process of advocating for the mental health of his students sparked a desire in him to delve deeply into the field of psychology and after 10 years of service in the New York City Department of Education, he enrolled at the California Institute of Integral Studies to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology with the clear intention to return someday to school systems with a new role as a psychologist. He is very enthused to continue on his journey with Seeds of Awareness with the intention of spreading healing and awareness.