Join Us

Our vision is a near future where social and emotional literacy
is taught to every child; where empathy and mindfulness are
embedded into our education; and where therapeutic services
and counseling are accessible to all in need.

You can co-create this future with Seeds of Awareness.


Seeds of Awareness gratefully embraces volunteers who support our work. If you have skills or time to offer us, please reach out by clicking here. We are especially looking for volunteers supporting fundraising, IT support, business consultation, and program development. We embrace help in all other areas of operations as well, including mailings and flyer distribution.



Seeds of Awareness is hiring for our 2018-19 school year. We anticipate paid and volunteer openings for our school counseling program, our mindfulness education program, and our Fiddleheads programs. We also recruit volunteer clinicians and supervisors for our programs. And anyone interested in supporting our fundraising efforts, or interested in joining our board of directors is also welcome to contact us. Please click here to learn more about our most recent job openings and to become part of our revolutionary team.