Dear Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones are safely adjusting through these challenging times. Our SEEDS team has been hard at work to continue providing essential mental health services to those experiencing stress, fear and uncertainty during these times. 

As you know, social isolation is impacting the emotional and mental well-being of so many of us and placing those already struggling at even greater risk. Having the trained, caring presence of one of our SEEDS counselors has been a vital human lifeline for hundreds of community members. For example: Since the onset of COVID-19, our SEEDS counselors have held over 500 client sessions and check-ins over video, phone, text and email to children, youth, and community members. Given the overwhelming need, we turn to you, our beloved community, with gratitude for the partnership and with a special invitation: 

Will you become a champion for our children and communities by making a generous donation to SEEDS today? Our Board members and donors have pledged a dollar-for-dollar match for up to $40,000 of donations received by May 15. Donate today and each dollar will be twice as powerful in supporting mental health in our schools and communities. Will you help SEEDS meet this challenge by making an online donation today?

Together, we can ensure those in highest need can have access to mindful interventions and healing programs. 

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SEEDS has taken thoughtful steps to ensure our team’s work continues to reach our children and communities in need during these difficult times.  

  • Holistic Counseling Centers: We have transitioned our centers to use of telehealth therapy, which has allowed access to a broader range of clients from their homes. We continue to provide effective, mindfulness-based therapy for over 500 adults, children and families with clients coming from five Bay Area Counties. Our Clinical team has increased our trainings and clinical supervision to ensure we are utilizing telehealth therapy best practices. And we remain committed to providing continuity of care, despite its financial impact. Thus, we are currently accepting new sliding scale/low fee clients and medi-cal clients. We are also offering pro-bono and lower fee services to existing clients.
  • Schools Program: Even during this unprecedented environment, we continue to serve 96% of our collaborating Schools partners. This is a testament to the strong, grounded, and empowered relationships that we continue to build within the schools in support of their counseling related needs. We are committed to maintaining consistent and collaborative working relationships with teachers, administration, and families, to help in the continuation of services for all within the school community.
  • Fiddleheads Program: We have transitioned our after-school groups online and continue to provide weekly therapeutic support to our group participants. We are also forging ahead to commence our summer camps as soon as we can go outdoors, even if shelter in place orders remain past our Camps’ anticipated start date of June 15, 2020. Additionally, we are now developing potential online offerings to help children and families build meaningful social connections before we can go outside. 
  • Mindfulness Training Institute: Our program is flourishing, with over 550 teachers and therapists trained last year through SEEDS’ mindfulness-based social emotional learning program. And we are finding new online pathways to support our school staff through virtual trainings and one-to-one coaching. As we look ahead to the next school year, we intend to continue to support educators and students through our innovative training programs as they navigate the traumatizing impact of COVID-19 on our children and school communities. 

Most importantly, SEEDS continues to achieve the goal of focusing our support in diverse, under-resourced communities. Our counselors and staff across all of our programs have demonstrated a heartened response to meet this critical time with devoted compassion, commitment and creativity to serve the dire needs of our community across the Bay Area. 

As Robin, the parent of one of our program participants noted, “Seeds counselors are able to handle anything thrown their way. The one to one connection that they take the time to make is invaluable for our kids’ development, while also helping parents to participate in helping with their challenges at home.”  

We know the needs never go away. In fact, we anticipate mental health issues to be one of the biggest challenges facing our families in the near future. As we continue to support thousands of children and families each year in this process of being with the pain and joys of life, we invite you to partner with us once again.  Although we cannot heal all the ails of the world, we are certainly providing life-changing support one child, one family and one school at a time. 

In this critical moment, will you join us as a champion for our children and communities by making a generous donation to SEEDS today? Donate to help us meet the $40,000 match by May 15! 

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Your generous partnership is enabling SEEDS to continue to provide loving, caring and effective care to our communities in need. Thank you in advance for your support! 


Board of Directors & Source Leadership Team 
Seeds of Awareness