About Us

Our Mission

Seeds of Awareness mission is to transform schools and communities by cultivating empathy, connection, and support.

We implement counseling and mentorship programs in schools, teach social-emotional learning in the classrooms, and provide cutting edge mindfulness-based counseling and nature-based social skills groups to our local communities.

Seeds of Awareness adheres to 7 core values and guiding principles that are the leading force in our work and our passion for positive change.

A core to our work and worldview in Seeds is the power of cultivated awareness, or mindfulness. Awareness of our own experience and to the world around us are critical to our capacity to experience freedom and less suffering. Mindfulness is “the practice of paying attention to the present moment on purpose, without judgement.” Through such a cultivated awareness we can “wake-up” to the causes and conditions of suffering, as well as, happiness and peace.

Seeds promotes a heart-centered approach to living that includes kindness, vulnerability and empathy as essential components of being human. We strive to model and cultivate these qualities throughout the organization and as service providers in our community. We believe that love is a force for healing and growth, and seek to embody it in our service. “When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.”

Seeds values difference as well as commonalities. We support interdependence versus co-dependence. We honor that we each hold a unique and valid truth. We believe that arriving at our own truth emerges through relationships. Learning to listen and speak for oneself through I-statements enables the owning of one’s experience. We want to support our staff and our community to develop inner-sovereignty as well as interdependence. We believe that it is necessary to pay attention to how we impact others regardless of our intent. And, at the same-time, we can practice being self-responsible and recognizing our agency.

We believe that each individual has the potential to share their unique and powerful gifts with the world. Seeds strives to support processes of self empowerment. Although we cannot give individuals power, we can support processes for individuals to rise and empower themselves in their lives.

Seeds values difference as well as commonalities. We recognize systemic racism, sexism, heteronormativity, classism, etc and the intersectional ways that these dominant tendencies within institutions and individuals work to perpetuate oppression and suffering. We seek to reduce suffering and address these power imbalances by increasing awareness and representation of marginalized experiences. In our organization, we value and support individuals who speak up against dominant powers, asking us to challenge our assumptions and privileges.

Our psyche is home to powerful creative forces that allow us to make contact with known and unknown parts of ourself. We trust that not all these forces are conscious to us in verbal forms and thus we provide a space to hold reverence for these passionate energies to allow them to be explored and expressed with one another in a safe community. We value aliveness: joy, playfulness, and vitality are traits that we believe are essential to a healthy and happy life. We seek to embody, encourage and support these traits in our team and community to create a more joyous and happy world.

Our work is rooted in the heart. We believe that we are healing ourselves, each other and the planet from the deep and meaningful work we are engaging in together. We listen to our intuition and to the greater wisdom and nature and universe within the work we engage in together.. We trust and listen to meaning in our work clinically and organizationally.

A large part of our work is undoing aloneness. Immersed in a nuclear, “self”-oriented culture, isolation is a risk and reality that is ever present. We recognize that an individual sense of self emerges only in relationship with one another and our contexts, not merely independently and in isolation. We value interdependence over co-dependence; cooperation over competition through the practice of opening ourselves to let others see how they impact us and vice versa. We believe in the transformative powers of healing relationships and share in our efforts to create a supportive and loving community within our organization.

“It’s about planting the seeds for community, for peace, for social interaction that’s positive. In 24 years of teaching, this is the first time that I see a program that immediately shows results.”Martha Ochoa, from Golden Oak Elementary School in Hayward

Our Values

As Seeds of Awareness grows into more and more school communities, we are committed to offering our services and making them accessible to communities that may otherwise not receive this support. Thus, we are working on making our programming relevant to youth of color, and other marginalized groups, in order to build bridges of empathy across the spectrum difference.

As a part of our organizational and clinical foundation, we value inclusivity by promoting awareness of the social dynamics and cultural influences of our communities.

As we promote a culture of empathy through mindfulness, we find it crucial to bring this empathy to issues around race, gender, sexual orientation, and privilege. We are committed to having courageous conversations and making necessary changes within our organization and our communities.

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Who We Are

We are a collaboration of psychologists, marriage and family therapists, school counselors, and trainers who provide therapeutic and educational services to schools and community members.

Seeds of Awareness Inc. is a San Francisco Bay-Area 501-C3 non-profit organization that facilitates evidence-based social and emotional support programs.