A Message to our Community

Dear Community, 

We are reaching out to provide an update to our cherished communities, clients, and friends on the future of Seeds of Awareness and our services. These past 16 months have been turbulent for all of us, as individuals, organizations, and more broadly in our collective. With that, we are writing to you with some news of change afoot for Seeds of Awareness and it’s future as an organization. 

As a small non-profit organization, we have struggled to stay afloat during COVID-19, coupled with significant transitions in leadership. As a result, our Board of Directors, after great and lengthy consideration, have made the weighty decision to close down our programs. Therefore out of love for the mission of Seeds of Awareness, and the desire to reduce negative impact to our clients, our communities, and our staff that the Board is pursuing a mindful shut down by the end of the summer 2021. Our hope is that the legacy of our core values: Compassion, Purpose, Awareness, Integrity, Creativity, Empowerment, and Community, may live on as our physical doors close permanently. We are deeply grateful to all that we have had the opportunity to work with and serve in the past ten years in the Bay Area with mindfulness, compassion, and care.  

We understand the impact that this news may have and hold that there will be many questions, concerns, and the need for supportive containers in understanding what is to come to mindfully close the programs and our beloved organization that reach so many. Seeds of Awareness has filled a need for low cost therapy for communities across the Bay Area for many years and we are actively seeking referrals and connections to fill those gaps as we vacate our Holistic Counseling Center locations in Oakland and Petaluma. You can keep up to date with resources for referrals and other updates on our closure process on the main page of our website: https://www.seeds-of-awareness.org/ where we will be providing regular updates on support for our affected community. In the meantime we have a short list of trusted therapy providers and community clinics that may be helpful to those seeking the supports that Seeds of Awareness has provided:

Community Mental Health Resources

East Bay

North Bay

San Francisco

Online from Anywhere and/or Search by Location

Much is to come in the following months, and we seek to center the needs and concerns of our staff and our clients and community as we compassionately navigate a complicated process. 

With care, 

The Seeds of Awareness Team