The greatest gift you can give…

Dear Friends of Seeds,

We hope that you and your loved ones are finding glimmers of hope and warmth in the turning of the seasons and adjusting to the many changes of this time. And what times…

As you can imagine, Seeds has been on the front lines of the pandemic in every way. Demand for mental health services is skyrocketing, yet access to essential emotional support has never been more challenging. Our team continues to make extraordinary efforts to meet these challenges, and we keep showing up with gratitude, knowing that dedicated friends like YOU continue showing up for Seeds!

Your contributions allow our public school partners to receive crucial services and resources to meet the dire needs to support students in crisis during times of COVID.

Your support gives neurodiverse children and others who struggle socially, a safe and nurturing environment to connect — in person and in nature.

Your partnership increases access to effective therapeutic support for thousands of individuals and families who have no other affordable options to essential mental health care.


That’s the power of your generosity: It saves lives and prevents more suffering by bringing remarkable therapists and support services to those in emotional pain. Will you stand with us again during this final pledge of 2020 by making a generous donation to SEEDS today? Our year end goal is 100K.

Our Board of directors and a donor have pledged a dollar-for-dollar match for up to 25K of donations received by December 30. Donate today and each dollar will be twice as powerful in supporting mental health in families and communities!

Onwards towards healing and deep connection,

Renata Moreira, Director of Partnerships and Seeds of Awareness Team

Seeds of Awareness

P.S:We are infinitely grateful you are with us and support our work. Every day, educators and parents tell us how their child or student’s sessions make home life easier – when life feels impossible in most ways. We see the relief in a parent’s face, and the tears from a child who finally has space to say how hard it is right now… We witness, in awe, the deep transformations experienced by hundreds of underserved, at risk, children and families. THANK YOU, from the bottom of our collective heart, for contributing towards this direct impact.