Board Recruitment Announcement

Greetings, Family and Friends! 

Are you, or talented folks in your network, looking for unique opportunities to support the mental and emotional health of our children, youth and families during these traumatic times?  

Seeds of Awareness is recruiting new Board of Directors members to join our team during this crucial and transformational time period! Join a hard-working and committed staff and Board with a wide spectrum of experience and backgrounds, both professional and personal, aligned with the Seeds mission.This is a great chance for community members to contribute to the great impact Seeds continues to have in addressing suffering with care and mindfulness. 

Currently, we have opened up opportunities for 6 NEW board members with expertise in the following areas:

  • Human Resource management
  • Non-profit management 
  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising (individual and corporate donors/partners)
  • Institutional Giving (public and private grants) 
  • School leadership, management, or School board experience

Why would you wish to become a volunteer Board member at Seeds of Awareness? You are deeply concerned about all of the following issues, have the desired expertise and are ready to expand your Board experience by sharing your talents with Seeds and our community: 

  • Children and families are suffering with skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, attention deficits and other challenges. 
  • Our schools and communities do not have resources to prioritize mental health and wellbeing for our children. 
  • Budgets are tightening and mental health and social-emotional learning programs are being cut, despite dire needs of our diverse communities. 
  • All children and most vulnerable community members are suffering because of this shortfall and little access to effective emotional and mental health support. 

Our community members have this to say about what our programs provide:

  • “I cannot stress enough, that even without coronavirus going on, having something like this was beyond what I would dream for for my child. Especially with the quarantine he doesn’t have any friends so to have social interaction helped him – we’ve seen the regression due to isolation because of coronavirus, so this was so beneficial for his social skills and his self esteem. He was really proud of himself.”
  • “The counselors were incredible. I felt like my child was safe and taken care of. I don’t always feel that adults can handle him but from the first day they were playing and engaging with him. More than teachers, they were friends and someone who really wanted to know him.”
  • “This is what is missing in our lives right now. I can manage the homeschooling – its a struggle but I can manage. What I can’t manage – because I have no training is the social skills part. I can’t teach him that.”

Does that sound like you or someone you know? Please visit our board of directors description for more information.  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and positions filled as the ideal candidates are identified. Please do share this announcement with other folks who may be interested!  You may submit an application via our online form or may direct inquiries by responding to this email.

Our team looks forward to connecting with you! 

In gratitude and appreciation,

Seeds of Awareness Board of Directors