You can help!

Dear Seeds Community,

The past few months have been treacherous for so many, myself included. Along with a major car accident, I have also been supporting a family member through a very intense crisis. In times like these I know how lucky I am to have the support of friends and family, and the resources to hire top-notch care. All families and children should have access to both community support and top-notch professional care. Seeds of Awareness is founded on that premise.

       As we all begin to pick up the pieces after the devastating recent fires here in northern California, we, at Seeds, have been looking for ways to help our community navigate this trauma by offering our services to those who otherwise might not have access to impactful and caring mental wellness clinicians.

       We are so grateful that our community partner, Lagunitas, has offered to support us in this work through a grant to provide counseling services to the Olivet-Piner School District in Santa Rosa. A majority of Olivet-Piner’s families’ homes and lives were severely impacted by the North Bay fire storms. This grant enables us to provide crucial counseling services to their students and families — at no cost to them.

Though this is a much-needed start, the need for trauma counseling is so great in the Olivet-Piner schools that we’re hoping to raise an additional $15,0000 to bring in two additional counselors by January. Please consider supporting us in this important and life-affirming work. It is in times like these that together, as a community, we can heal and move forward. Any and all donations help.

With Gratitude,
Douglas Lerch
Founder and Executive Director