Giving Tuesday Invitation

Dear Friends and Family of Seeds of Awareness,

2017: what a year it has been!

I just got off the phone with Christina, the student services director at Olivet Elementary Charter School in Santa Rosa, our neighboring town. As you know, many parts of Santa Rosa were completely devastated by the recent fires. The schools in the Piner-Olivet School District are one such community.

Christina told me of the horrific extent of the fire’s impact: over half of the families in the schools lost their homes. At present, for the over 400 children in the Piner-Olivet schools there is one school counselor. The teachers have received only one 30 minute training on how to support their families through trauma. The parents have received no support at all. Resources for these schools are tight and unfortunately, mental health is not at the top of the funding pyramid.

Because of the support we receive from folks like you, I feel grateful and honored to tell you that we at Seeds of Awareness are in a unique position where we can step up and provide meaningful and effective help to these communities.

2017 was a year of resilience and important growth for Seeds. Currently:

  • We serve serve 15 schools in the Bay Area with counseling support and mindfulness education.
  • We offer nature-based summer camps and socials skills groups in 9 locations throughout the year.
  • We have grown our family counseling programs to support over 100 families in our Petaluma and Oakland centers.  
  • Our mindfulness based trainings are flourishing as we will have trained over 500 teachers and therapists this year in Seeds’ evolving model of mindfulness-based social emotional learning.

Most importantly, we have achieved our goal of providing a majority of our support to diverse communities who are under resourced and in dire need. We have leveraged our creativity and community to allow us to offer innovative and effective services at affordable rates throughout the Bay Area.

Please consider donating to Seeds of Awareness this year to continue this work. Please know that your support is enabling Seeds to continue to provide loving, caring and effective care to our communities in need.

With Gratitude,
Douglas Lerch
Founder and Executive Director

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