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Our mission is to transform schools and communities by cultivating empathy, connection and awareness.

We value diversity and social equity, which informs all aspects of our organization. We aim to empower marginalized communities by focusing a majority of our services in often neglected areas.

Seeds of Awareness, Inc does not discriminate in any program, activity, or in employment on the basis of
actual or perceived age, sex, race, ethnic background, veteran status, ancestry, pregnancy, national origin,
physical or mental disability, medical information, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation,

Positions available for the Fiddleheads Programs 2016 / ­2017.


Title: Fiddleheads Group Counselor for weekly after-school program or summer camp

We are actively seeking individuals to work in our mindfulness based social skills after-school and summer camp programs. The individuals will be co-facilitating groups of children in local regional parks, engaging children in sensory explorations, awareness practices, and experiential social and emotional learning. We encourage you to pass along this information to any individuals currently seeking an MFT/ASW practicum or internship placement that involves work with children.

The ideal candidate is someone who has a passion for education and the great outdoors, maintains a mindfulness practice and is interested to engage children in a non-judgmental guidance toward a deeper understanding of selves and others. Fiddleheads counselor will work with neuro-diverse children who struggle with a variety of challenges and needs, including autistic spectrum, social anxiety, learning difficulties, sensory and motor skill delays, developmental delays, speech-related challenges, impulsivity, social isolation, aggression, grief, depression, and ADD/ADHD. Counselors will respond to parents’ questions, and offer guidance on how to support their children. Counselors will assist children in navigating their internal experiences, as well as tolerating awareness of their impact on others around them.
Our counselors are supported to develop skills to work with neuro-diverse children and are encouraged to participate in other programs at Seeds of Awareness, Inc, including school-based counseling internship and community counseling center. In addition to ongoing training, support and mentoring, Seeds of Awareness, Inc. offers opportunities for community, independence, professional development and collegiality.


$21 per hour for weekly group / $18 per hour for summer camp

Compensation covers:

  • 2 hours of weekly group (arrive at 3:30 and leave at 5:30)
  • 30 hours of camp week (arrive at 9 am and leave by 3 pm)
  • 0.5 hour phone intake per child
  • 1 hour in-person intake per child
  • 1 hour any additional individual consultations with parents or teachers
  • 0.5 hour per group or camp day for summary notes and correspondence with parents.

NO COMPENSATION for supervision, consultation, trainings and retreat.

Necessary Qualifications
  • Background working with children recommended
  • Currently enrolled in or completed Master’s Degree in counseling, social work, psychology or education
  • Experience with social and emotional programming
  • Personal mindfulness practice
  • Highly collaborative and effective in developing activities, games and exercises
  • Organizational skills necessary to maintain regular communications with parents, co-facilitators and administrative staff
  • Must be able to arrive to regional parks on time
  • Must be able to use technology effectively (e-mails, Google drive, Box)
  • Must be able to hike long distances (up 5 miles)
  • Must consent to tuberculosis test, background check and fingerprints
Responsibilities include
  • In collaboration with another counselor, co-facilitate a social and emotional learning experience for
    children in a natural setting, including:
    – alternating high and low energy activities
    – leading rituals, mindfulness exercises and sensory awareness games
    – guiding conflict resolution processes
    – facilitating personal and emotional sharings
    – fostering deeper relationships with natural elements, including trees and animals
    – reading or telling an emotionally or spiritually rich story
    – singing songs that integrate nature, gratitude, presence and awareness
  • Telephone intake with interested parents of children (up to 30 minutes)
  • In-person intake with interested parents at family home or Seeds office (up to 1 hour)
  • Arrive to group 5-10 minutes before group start to welcome parents and children and develop a
    plan for the group with co-facilitator
  • Arrive to camp 20-30 minutes before camp start to welcome parents and children
  • E-mail communications with parents after each group or camp day with a brief summary of the
    group activities (1-2 paragraphs)
  • In-person consultation at family home or Seeds office with parents mid-group to offer feedback
    about the children, answer any questions and receive additional requests (up to 1 hour)
  • BBS compliant notes after each group session or camp day
  • Provide snacks to children (budget up to $10 per day)
  • Prepare summary (2-3 paragraphs) for each child after completion of the group/camp session
  • Seeds follows BBS regulations in regards to clinical supervision.
  • Interns and trainees receive a minimum of 2 hours of group supervision on a weekly basis, and additional supervision is available (at additional cost paid by trainee/intern).
  • Weekly consultation/training on a range of clinical topics that runs throughout the duration of the group or summer camp program.
  • Our supervisors are licensed and are experienced in providing clinical supervision as well as with working with children and their families.
  • Overnight training retreat (May 14-15, 2016).
  • Attendance at all trainings, supervision and consultation is MANDATORY, unless special exceptions are made.
Time Commitment
  • After-school groups run weekly, starting at approximately 3:30 and ending at 5:30. After-school
    groups run in the Fall, Winter and Spring, with 1-2 week breaks in between.
  • Summer camp runs daily 9:30 – 2:30, with an option for after-care.
  • Summer camp is 3 separate two-week sessions on June 20 – July 1, July 4 – July 15, July 18 – July 29.
  • Consultation/Training on Monday in Oakland or Petaluma, 5:30 to 7:30 (bi-weekly for groups,
    weekly for camps)
  • Weekly supervision in Oakland or Petaluma, date/time TBD
  • Alameda
  • Berkeley (Tilden Park)
  • Marin (Fairfax or Mill Valley)
  • Petaluma (Helen Putnam Park)
  • San Francisco (Park Presidio)
How to Apply

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