Empowering Communities with Mindfulness


Family Counseling Services

School and community-based psychotherapy is an effective intervention to combat the mental health challenges our communities are facing. At Seeds of Awareness, we train and support our counselors to provide effective and loving care.



Mindfulness Based Social-Emotional Learning

Studies show mindfulness instruction to have positive impact on executive functioning, decreasing anxiety, improving focus, and enhancing overall wellbeing. Our counseling, social skills groups, and teacher training and mindfulness instruction create a culture of kindness and care at our schools.



Nature-Based Programming

Fiddleheads nature groups and summer camps combine evidence supported interventions – time in nature, social-emotional learning, and caring mentorship – to support children’s empathy skills and wellbeing.



Continuing Education and Parent Support

Seeds of Awareness offers parenting classes and continuing education courses for therapist, educators, and health practitioners. Seeds of Awareness trainings are offered by experts in the field and are trauma informed and mindfulness-based.


Seeds of Awareness is a 501 (C3) non-profit organization. We rely on volunteers, grants, and donations of services and funds to bring our programs to socio-economically disadvantaged communities in need.

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About Us

Seeds of Awareness is a collective of licensed psychologists, marriage and family therapist, social works, school counselors, educators, and interns who provide mindfulness based therapeutic and educational services to schools and community members.

Our vision is a future where emotional intelligence is the norm, where empathy and mindfulness are embedded in our education systems, and where therapeutic support is accessible and common-place.

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In the News

There is a multitude of research that highlights the effectiveness in developing attention and focus, strengthening working memory, decreasing stress response, and enhancing self-regulation and pro-social behavior.


A recent PBS story on mindfulness highlights the positive effects on academics and suspension rates.


A new study published in PsycNet shows the effectiveness of mindfulness professional development program in improving teachers’ social and emotional competence.

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